The VenetaCostruzioniMetalliche was founded in June 2006 by Cristian and Ivan Frasson at the base of 37 years of experience in the company founded by their father Luigi in the sector of civil and industrial metal structures.

The experience gained and the different challenges faced during these years, have allowed at VenetaCostruzioniMetalliche to grow, and to consolidate successfully maturing skills and professionalism.

The company's staff is composed of highly qualified and trained to meet the needs of the customers people, ensuring high quality standards.

The company VenetaCostruzioniMetalliche turns at the companies and individuals' market, mainly operating in Northern Italy.






The design and realization, the customer satisfaction, the great value for money, are tags that have made VenetaCostruzioniMetalliche leader in its sector, both for an industrial application, both for needs by private individuals.

The range which we operate is very broad:

Industrial buildingsi - Shopping Centers - Railings - Safety ladders - Canopies - Civil metal buildings customized - Coperture finto coppo - Bridges - Adjustments seismic at old structures - And any other metal structure tailored

The company is equipped with the latest technology that allows to follow even the most complex work and to satisfy every particular requirement.

The realization can occur at the base of projects provided by the Customer, or by the general guidelines provided by the client to proceed with the realization of the three-dimensional design and the subsequent realization